Package lejos.nxt.comm

NXT communication classes


Interface Summary

Class Summary
Bluetooth Provides Bluetooth communications.
BTConnection Provides a Bluetooth connection Supports both packetized, raw and stream based communication.
InBox Represents an LCP Inbox
LCP Implements the Lego Communication Protocol, with some extensions for lejos NXJ.
LCPBTResponder Support for LCP commands over Bluetooth in user programs.
LCPResponder Support for LCP commands
NXTCommConnector Standard interface to connect/wait for a connection.
NXTCommDevice Base class for nxt communications devices.
NXTConnection Generic lejos nxt connection class.
NXTInputStream Extends InputStream for BlueTooth; implements available()
NXTOutputStream Implements an OutputStream over NXT connections.
RConsole This class provides a simple way of sending output for viewing on a PC.
RConsole.Monitor The following internal class provides an implicit remote console and also hooks into the debug event system.
RS485 Low-level RS485/BitBus Network implementation This class provides simple low level access to the underlying RS485 hardware implemented on port 4 of the Lego NXT.
RS485Connection Connection object for an RS485/BitBus connection This object models a single BitBus connection.
USB Low-level USB access.
USBConnection Provides a USB connection Supports both packetized, raw and stream based communication.

Package lejos.nxt.comm Description

NXT communication classes