Package javax.microedition.location

Location API


Interface Summary
LocationListener The LocationListener represents a listener that receives events associated with a particular LocationProvider.
ProximityListener This interface represents a listener to events associated with detecting proximity to some registered coordinates.

Class Summary
AddressInfo The AddressInfo class holds textual address information about a location.
Coordinates This class has been designed to manage coordinates using JSR-179 Location API
Criteria The criteria used for the selection of the location provider is defined by the values in this class.
dGPSCriteria You can use the standard javax.microedition.location package with this class by using a dGPSCriteria object to request a LocationProvider as follows:
Landmark The Landmark class represents a landmark, i.e.
Location The Location class represents the standard set of basic location information.
LocationProvider This is the starting point for applications using the Location API and represents a source of the location information.
Orientation The Orientation class represents the physical orientation of the terminal.

Exception Summary
LandmarkException The LandmarkException is thrown when an error related to handling landmarks has occurred.
LocationException The LocationException is thrown when a location API specific error has occurred.

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Location API