Interface Comparable<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
Boolean, Character, DIMUAccel.AccelUnits, DIMUAccel.TiltUnits, DIMUGyro.Axis, DIMUGyro.Range, DIMUGyro.RateUnits, DIMUGyro.SampleRate, DIMUGyro.TemperatureUnits, Double, ElementType, Enum, Float, Integer, IRSeekerV2.Mode, Long, Move.MoveType, NavigationModel.NavEvent, NXTLineLeader.Command, NXTLineLeader.LineColor, RetentionPolicy, String

public interface Comparable<T>

Method Summary
 int compareTo(T o)
          Compares this with another Object.

Method Detail


int compareTo(T o)
Compares this with another Object. Returns -1 if this object is smaller, 0 if both objects are equal and 1 if this object is bigger.

o - the object to compare with
one of the values -1, 0, 1